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Supreme Court: The Supreme Court of India invited bids from experienced and reputed firms/ organizations for Design, Development and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, tools for transcribing arguments and Court proceedings at the Court.

The due date for bids is 10-09-2023.

The bid document is titled design, development, and implementation of AI solution, tools for transcribing arguments and court proceedings at the Supreme Court. It was stated that the AI tool for transcription of arguments and Court proceedings shall initially be deployed for the Constitution Bench matters and with passage of time extendable to all matters, subject to the approval and directions of the concerned Court.

The AI generated transcription of oral arguments and Court proceedings must be available in file formats which are easily accessible on popular operating systems of computers such as desktops, laptops, electronic devices — mobile phone, tablets, etc. and their integrity and security is retained as per the industry standards.

It was also mentioned in the bid document that the transcription generated must be in searchable format, PDF/A, HTML, Word Process, etc. The transcription generated through AI tools must bear time stamp and be capable of integration with video recordings of court proceedings. The AI tool must have all the latest features, particularly bookmarking, labels and markers for quick access and convenience. The AI tool must be capable of generating the metadata and have a mechanism to share the transcription either through application programming interface (API) or any other latest mechanism as per the industry standards. The AI tool must also be capable of generating summarising the transcription.

The document mentioned the procedure for bidding, it contains the Bid Data Sheet, the evaluation and qualification criteria. Section IV of the document attached the bidding forms and Section IX mentioned the Contract Forms.

The scope of work expected from the firm/ organization was elaborated. The was mentioned that the Supreme Court of India wishes to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning for transcribing arguments and court proceedings and to automatize the processes workflow of the Registry to bring in transparency, streamlining and quick turnaround of all ancillary tasks.

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